Dear Friends,



Writing limericks is a hobby of mine. The ones on this page are about love. Some are serious but most are intended to make you smile. The gargoyle isn't happy about the pink panther on this page, but he can't always be the star of the show.  



There once was a lady from Niger
Who fell quite in love with a tiger.
She prayed every night
Until to her delight
Fairies turned her into a liger.    


She cried when he said he was leaving
Pleaded instead of believing.
But he left her to wonder 
While his spell she was under 
How long he had been deceiving.   



Through the years there was laughter and pain
Some days brought them sunshine—some rain.
But just like the song 
Their love will go on
Memories the everlasting refrain. 


She fell head over heels for the Briton 
In his arms, she purred like a kitten. 
But in spite of her plea—
He took off for the sea
Without a care for how bad she was smitten. 
There once was a lass chaste and merry
Who danced as light as a fairy.
Until a lad came along—
And sang her a song.
Stealing both her smile and her cherry. 
Down on one knee, he asked them to marry
Murmuring honey, sweetheart and chérie.
How they cried on the day
They took him away.
The five wives of polygamist Harry. 
She looked high and low for a lover
When she found him, she wanted no other.
Although him she revered
The snake soon disappeared
After turning her into a mother. 


Love is not very easy to come by
So if it finds you don’t bother to ask why.
Just be glad that it came
And if your love feels the same
Like two birds on the wing you will fly.  


She begged him to write every day

And cried as his ship sailed away.

But no letters came.

He’d forgotten her name

But remembered she was a good lay. 


They stood side by side at the altar.
Vowing their love would not falter. 
And year after year
Their love did endure
Solid as the Rock of Gibraltar