Since I tend to be a woman of many words, telling a complete story with a beginning, middle and end in a hundred or so words is a real challenge. Here are a few examples.    




Oleana dwelt in the Other World; a place of light and gentle spirits. One day she fell into a deep sleep. When she awoke, she found herself in a closed dark space. She cried out, but the spirits in the Other World did not answer. As the days passed, Oleana's memories of the Other World grew dim. When the last memory was forgotten, the essence of what she had been was no more.   
Just Too Damn Cold  
I need a friend real bad. The friend can be a boy, a girl, a dog or even a turtle. It can't be a snake. Something about the way snakes slither along the ground totally creeps me out. My new friend will be kind and listen without interrupting. Hardly anyone really listens. They only pretend to listen until it's their turn to talk. The only friends I have now are the drugs. If my new friend doesn't show up soon, the drugs may be the only way for me to get out of the damn cold.   


Kindred Spirits  


 All my life I have distrusted cats. I harbor a similar distrust of people. In my view, both cats and people tend to be standoffish, arrogant and devoted exclusively to their own comfort. Last week I rescued a cat about to be put to sleep. It's a toothless fat old cat with bad breath that no one wanted. Since I'm a toothless fat old woman with bad breath no one wants, rescuing the cat made perfect sense.   


Christmas Call   


“I don’t understand why the kids haven’t called.” 
“It’s only nine thirty, Martha.”
“They know we go to bed early.” 
“Why don't we give them a call?"  
“Kids are supposed to call their parents on Christmas, John. After all, we're not dead, we're in Florida." 
“Enough! I'm going to call them right now."  
"Wish them Merry Christmas for me. I'm going to bed."  
“I thought you wanted to talk to them.” 
“I didn't say I wanted to talk to them. I said they're supposed to call us on Christmas."