Okay, I admit some of these do tend to lean a bit to the left. Hope they don't offend anyone.  I'm a bit behind, but I hope to add a few more soon.    

The Earth is the home all living things share  
But it's warning mankind to take care.  
"You will soon destroy me  
Fouling air, land and sea--  
There is only so much I can bear."  
Policemen, Firemen, teachers and clerks  
Scott Walker thinks they all are jerks.   
See the mega-rich grin 
And the CEO’s win  
As they happily rake in the perks.  

Pat Robertson claims it's the Lord's hand.  
When havoc strikes here or in a far away land.   
He says God is delighting  
In the innocent smiting.  
Sparing none when taking his stand.       
Who cares what Sarah Palin does next?  
Or who it is she chooses to vex.   
Shouting her far right spin  
As the cash she rakes in.  
She's just a middle-aged bimbo in specs.      

They can serve on the Court 'till they die.  
But Clarence Thomas is a reason to cry.  
It's so damn wrong.  
He does not belong.  
His ineptitude none can deny.      

Some say that Ann Coulter is great  
‘Cause all liberals she loves to berate.   
Through muck she meanders—  
And good folks she slanders  
Getting rich just by peddling hate.      

There once lived a man named Ken Lay  
Who conveniently died one fine day.  
Leaving all those he cheated  
Mad, broke and defeated  
But his own family doing okay.     

Loving thy neighbor isn't easy to do  
When he looks so different from you.  
So go ahead and judge  
Hold on to that grudge.   
Feasting on your intolerance stew.      

Why bother giving children healthcare  
If their folks have no cash to spare?
It's rich kids who matter. 
So spare me the chatter.  
Poor kids suffering is not my affair.    

Jesus looked down and his tears fell like rain.  
All he saw was greed and disdain.  
In the land of the free  
The poor die needlessly  
While the haves make light of their pain.   
He kept on singing the same old song.   
Insisting he had done nothing wrong.  
Ignoring rule of law  
With amazing chutzpah  
Explains why Gonzales lasted so long.        

CEO's get paid millions each year  
For making good jobs disappear.  
Cutting fringes and pay  
The American way  
Through outsourcing, illegals and fear.     

There once was a man named O'Reilly
Who thought of himself very highly 
He'd pretend to be nice
Then his victims he'd slice
Armed with half-truths spoken so wryly.

Getting rich is what matters today  
Which provides a very good reason to pray. 
Screw the poor and the weak  
It’s wealth you must seek.    
If God loves you, he'll show you the way.     

America was buried in debt
But Bush and his buddies said not to fret.  
"Hey, China’s still lending 
So let's keep on spending.  
Trillions in debt ain't no reason to sweat.”      

There once was a man named Obama  
Who was black but had a white Mama  
People wanted a change  
Although his name sounded strange  
And 'tween the O and b there’s no comma.      

There once was a rich man from Texas 
Whose reign was surely the nexus  
For disasters and woes—  
Almost eight years of lows— 
How could one man do so much to vex us?      

Privatization is finally here.
See the CEO's grin ear-to-ear. 
They love their vacation
From all regulation
Free to gouge and pollute without fear.