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Greetings, and welcome to my website. One of my objectives as an author is to create works that readers will not only enjoy, but will provide something for them to think about long after they have finished the book. I believe A Monster's Game, The Neocon Conspiracy and Confessions of a Liberal Lover accomplish this albeit in very different ways.   
A Monster's Game, a contemporary tale of a serial killer set in my hometown of Detroit, focuses on many of the social issues plaguing America today. The recent slaying of the little girl in Inskster Michigan is representative of the kind of senseless violence depicted in this story. The Neocon Conspiracy, a futuristic political thriller, predicts what life in this country may be like in twenty years if it continues down the path it is following.   
For readers looking for lighter fare, my novella, Confessions of a Liberal Lover, is pure fun from cover to cover. The story of Alice, a woman who overdosed on romance novels as a teenager, is funny and sexy with a touch of fantasy in the form of a lovable wise-cracking gargoyle, I'm sure most woman will identify with Alice, her childhood experiences and possibly one of her lovers. Originally released in digital formats by Red Rose Publishing, I recently reclaimed the publishing rights. A slightly revised edition is available at Amazon in both digital and paperback. 
I hope you will decide to read A Monster's Game, The Neocon Conspiracy and Confessions of a Liberal Lover and if you do, you feel your time was well spent. 


I Kill Rich People!


 2014 Bella Online Ebook Gold Award Winner for Mystery and Thrillers.

Bella's Online Literary Review



While in Detroit writing a human interest story about a child killed in a drive-by shooting, investigative reporter Alamanda Tyler is ordered by her boss at Reveal Magazine to "drop the piece on the black kid" to cover the story that has ignited a media firestorm. A serial killer is brutally murdering wealthy white citizens. 

Tyler's controversial interview with a prostitute abused by the second victim hours before his death attracts the attention of the killer. Infatuated with the stunning reporter, he sends her emails from an untraceable account explaining his motives for the slaying.

As her life spins out of control, professionally and personally, Tyler risks all to end the carnage at the hands of the monster who has proclaimed, "I kill rich people."     

 What if there really is a great right-wing conspiracy? 



In the year 2030, the United States of America bears little resemblance to the nation envisioned by its Founding Fathers. The federal government has been virtually privatized away, Christianity declared the official state religion and the Constitutional right to bear arms rescinded. While attempting to isolate the reasons for America’s drift to the far right on the political spectrum, University of Michigan graduate student Joshua Freeman stumbles upon the existence of an ominous presence. Determined to expose those he believes are ruling the nation from the shadows, Freeman embarks on a dangerous journey. Will he survive long enough to warn the American people their democracy has been stolen from them? And if even if he does, will anyone believe him?      


 Sex, laughs and dash of fantasy

Alice is convinced the secret to happiness is finding a virile incredibly handsome man like the ones in romance novels. Complicating her search is the emotional baggage she carries from a less than perfect relationship with her father, growing up in the shadow of a nearly perfect older sister and the wise cracking gargoyle who is her best friend and trusted adviser. 

Over the years, all of her politically conservative lovers disappoint, but the gargoyle is always there to help her pick up the pieces. Do politics matter when it comes to love? Tag along with Alice and her friend the gargoyle to find out. It's sure to be a fun ride.   




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